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"We help students to find the best place to study all across the world. We will help find the courses that are best suited to you and also help with other things such as Visa applications for students and more to help you get there easier."

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Our Story… An Australian Immigration story

21 years ago, we packed our bags, said goodbye to Kenya as we has had a skilled immigration privileged to come, work, study and live in Australia. No doubt we experienced geographical isolation, absence of familiar community, support networks and structures that we had been accustomed to.

A passion to serve

We worked with a like-minded team to identify area of significant social needs such as building companionship, moral, material, social, spiritual and emotional support to immigrants and international students by providing honest, accurate, effective advice on jobs and study - effectively creating a new homogeneous & highly effective community. It is the identification of the above needs and demands of such services that bore to……………


AAA ASPIRE NEXT LEVEL was established to address the above-mentioned needs i.e., to help students apply, access and pursue highly valued higher education systems.

Mission Statement

To provide access to the best education systems.

Our Vision

To create global achievers by providing access to exceptional and diversified overseas education and associated opportunities.


  • Assist students who want to study abroad with university application

  • Assist students who want to study abroad in course identification

  • Assist students who want to study abroad with visa application and lodgement services

  • Assist people who want to work abroad with immigration application

Our Team

"Great things in a business are never done by a person. They are done by a team of people."

Introducing you to our wonderful team