foundation programme

International Foundation Programme

A foundation programme is a UK-inspired study course that bridges the gap between your existing level of qualification and knowledge and the level required for admission to an international university's Bachelor's or Master's degree program. Foundation degrees, also known as preparatory courses or paths programs, are designed to fill up any gaps in knowledge or qualifications that you may have after graduating from high school. They assist students from all over the world (Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, Russia, Africa, North and South America) in aligning their qualifications with the education system of the nation they are visiting and becoming eligible for university admission.

Who are foundation programmes for?

Foundation programmes can be generic, designed to prepare the student for starting a degree in a certain field, for example, foundation programmes in business, in computer science or in humanities and arts. They can also be tailored for a specific type of degree course (specific disciplines). Foundation programmes don't usually award students an academic degree upon completion but guarantee a certain level of qualification that allows them to follow a higher education degree such as a Bachelor’s or Master’s programme

What are the durations and start dates for Foundation programmes

Most institutions in the United Kingdom and continental Europe offer preparatory courses that last one academic year (a total of 32 weeks). Preparation courses are often broken down into three semesters or stages, each with its own set of modules. Modules are divided into minor (more generic) and major (more specialized) topics based on the student's future job goals. Students often begin their foundation degrees in September and graduate in October of the following year, in time to begin their Bachelor's or Master's degree. Students who desire to finish their studies quickly might enroll in intensive 6-month route programs. Study tracks for faster foundations begin in January and conclude in August of the same year. Many foreign foundation programs, on the other hand, provide variable start dates.

Why take a foundation programme

When you want to study for a degree at an international institution but don't have the necessary qualifications, a foundation program can help. The ideal foundation program focuses on your specific interests, giving you the best chance of being admitted. What are the benefits of taking a foundation course?

  • Increased chances of admission
  • Better language proficiency
  • Direct access to great universities
  • Relevant qualification for your future studies
  • Reduced culture shock
  • Getting into the right mindset

What are the requiremnts?

Entry requirements of most foundation programmes are usually not difficult to meet. You’ll generally need:

  • Successful completion of 12 years of basic education anywhere in the world
  • Basic language proficiency depending on the requirements in the country
  • Certain subjects in your high school syllabus relevant for the foundation programme